Snapchat Suggestion for you to utilize right now

Upload Video

Let’s start with one of the easiest techniques: how to deliver a video clip with Snapchat? Simply push and keep the middle key time movie capture, which is limited to 10 moments. You can next send it as you ordinarily do with a photograph.

How exactly to add filters

Friends give you photographs with cool results, and you question how they get there? The solution lies in the configurations of Snapchat

Hint: if, when you compose your type, message “Negative …” (with three things), you will definitely have accessibility to an extra impact! Also deleting the message, the result will stay.

Even more shades for your designs

You feel a bit limited by the colors readily available on Snapchat? There is an easy way to get your whole color palette you wish: keep your little finger on a single regarding the proposed colors, and navigate on your own screen. Stop when you will get towards the shade of your option.

Even more than 3 best friends

Snapchat selects for you your 3 ‘best friends’, those with who you have the absolute most contact on Snapchat. That is particularly helpful to deliver your emails much more quickly, especially if you have numerous contacts! But understand that you can have up to 7 special associates: in Settings

Erase Snapchat

Following the scandal about the protection flaw Snapchat, many of you no longer want to cope using this program. But uninstall Snapchat smartphones alone will not protect you. There are incredibly you visit the site Snapchat and delete your account. Caution: as soon as completed, you can not get right back, and your account will disappear forever.

If you directly over to ‘Snapchat Online Installation‘, you can acquire an via the internet version of snapchat

The best way to install Facetime

FaceTime is a program produced particularly for Mac computers as well as Apple smartphone. FaceTime is a program that enables you to make movie calls between cell phone and also Apple computer systems.

Most customers will inform you that Facetime just collaborates with the Apple atmosphere, nevertheless, there’s today a Facetime COMPUTER program with Bluestacks emulator able of running the FaceTime application on your own computer.

That incorporate completely right into your working system, FaceTime supplies a huge, instinctive screen together with a number of resources, a diary to join your contacts that have the same program set up on their apple iphone, iPod, iTouch sustained. Additionally, both systems need an web link in order to make video clip conferencing, and also you need a Apple ID to utilize it easily.

You could additionally delight in a great movie experience no matter of the type of this camera mounted on your own PC. When speaking about the structure as well as the different controls go away through the display screen. You could talk cope with your friends, view just what’s taking place behind them, or view the expressions on their particular confronts.

You can additionally easily configure your application prior to usage. You merely have an Apple ID and also an e-mail address. To make a video call, locate his name within the contact lense listing. FaceTime works with personal digital assistant to make certain that you are no more require to go into details about a get in touch with.

With facetime on android mounted on your COMPUTER, your associates could contact you on your mobile as well as you hear bells sound also if for example the software program is closed. FaceTime could additionally be handicapped using the ” Setups” tab if you don’t wish to obtain calls.

The best ways to put in BlueStacks?

As claimed over, FaceTime needs downloading and install and setting up the pre BlueStacks application since it’s an emulator that will certainly enable you to utilize it effortlessly. BlueStacks download, mount and begin the search software into the proper loss. Lastly, install FaceTime from BlueStacks and also start utilizing your computer.

How exactly to install Facetime

FaceTime is an application posted by Apple, you could today mount as well as make use of on your own PC to chat real-time. As a matter of reality, this will be a video clip device for Mac to your base. Since no one can do without interaction particularly currently, this program is vital. Today readily available on PC through Bluestacks, the emulator of Android and iOS applications, FaceTime can be mounted on a computer and feature as on a cellular or a Mac.

As explained above, FaceTime is a video clip conferencing program that enables you to sell live with your enjoyed people. That is an application compatible with most current devices given they are connected to the web. Easy to utilize, this program offers an obvious and ergonomic user interface. In order to make a video clip, just pick the contact lens you would like to go over and click “Facetime” to begin the discussion.

And also to access the application you do not need to get from a single loss to an additional. With a couple of clicks, it starts, you can talk from your computer with good friends just who have a mobile phone with a cam to discuss pictures or videos of the choice. It will additionally be possible to review your close friends discussed video clips or images.

In addition, contacts have to have the same application to talk with you. With a best property Skype supplying high quality films, it instantly acknowledges your contacts stored in your personal digital assistant, an possibility to talk about completely display screen mode, no have to set up the program before usage and also in the event your computer system has an incorporated electronic camera or cam, Facetime uses it instantly so that you can chat effortlessly.

Installing Facetime for PC.

However, the installation of PC facetime on android app is maybe not completed immediately. Actually, we must first install Bluestacks! You ask yourself ways to do?

It’s as straightforward while you just demand to install Bluestacks on your computer prior to installing Facetime, due to the fact that it’s from the loss ” study” Bluestacks you start shopping for the application for the after that download and install. As soon as you have actually installed Bluestacks go to the ” Look” tab to get a hold of Facetime and also install it on your own PC.

Kik Messenger, just what is it?

Who has not heard of Kik Messenger in current weeks? The adjustment from the alreadying existing applications such as BBM, Kik is that you can interact with all smartphones ( apple iphone, Blackberry as well as Android), as well as worldwide. After suggesting your complete name, e-mail address, as well as your nickname, you are connected to the web server and also Kik just bring in close friends to begin talking.

If you wish to utilize Kik online, visit:

About Kik Messenger

Kik, just what is it?

Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application. Or in other words, Kik utilized to change messages in real time, from mobile phone to mobile phone, no-cost.

Kik is available to you just a few days, without generating also much sound. Because this is a real transformation! In 15 days, one million people have actually signed up with the solution, or 25000 per hr! A buzz that spread at excellent speed on social networking sites.

Exactly where is from?

Kik Messenger is a copy of Blackberry Messenger which enables no-cost conversation with calls all through the globe. A form of MSN for mobile phone considering that it also has the ability to see if our companion is typing their message and he read it, yet likewise add .

Exactly what are the advantages?

Kik Messenger is a cross-base option to change communications completely free, quickly as well as quickly between various smart phones. Kik is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry and Android, but the application is additionally good on iPod Touch! It is now feasible to communicate with ” conversation” in between iPod as well as smartphone.

How it functions?

Initially, download and install the application here: Kik For PC Download or in the app store for the iPhone and also iPod. When put in, generate a free account and also include your contacts! Absolutely nothing less complex :-RRB-.

Kik messenger with the Net network from your mobile phone. With an iPod Touch, it will be vital to have a Wifi network close by. With a smartphone, make sure to have an endless 3G package, or monitor your usage! And most importantly, give consideration to its use abroad as 3G could cost you extremely a lot.

For transactions sentimental about your problem, you can visit this , the very first social community committed to sentimental tips!

Why adopt Kik Messenger?

Kik Messenger, what is it?

Kik Messenger is a new instant message solution. Leave therefore, wars between professional and professional Apple iphone Blackberry, everybody will certainly be able to communicate – lastly- cost-free without borders!

Just how it works?

It downloads the application ( totally free) then falls in seconds. Simply put their email address, a customer and also a password name. Merely browse for calls to be able to “chat” at will!

Kik is available totally free over at Kik Online Installation

Why embrace Kik Messenger?

It is currently a huge success, considering that just a couple of days, greater than 1.5 million people have downloaded and install the application! Today is just over 50 million customers around the world utilizing it, making it a service weight over its competitors

Easy to use, convenient and totally free , Kik Messenger will definitely replace Whatsapp on IPhone which recognizes too much difficulty attaching and also BBM because it allows Blackberry customers to talk with their close friends holders Apple iphone or Android.

Stuff to know about Kik Messenger

An appealing advantage of Kik: Modelled on Facebook, you could maintain sending your messages in real time. Now when you type a message on Kik Messenger, an “S” shows up just before your message. This suggests that your message was sent out (feel). Then, when the individual has obtained a “D” shows up, which means that your message was provided ( Provided). Ultimately, when your job interviewer will certainly read the message, an “R” will be displayed (read). You could not deny failing to consider your phone!

The have to is to place the customer name Kik Messenger status in Facebook so your friends can include you.

Kik Messenger can be made use of for free abroad yet look out nevertheless, be hooked up to wifi to not drive up your bill!

Kik Messenger is a new instant message solution. Exit therefore, battles in between pro and pro IPhone Blackberry, everyone will certainly be able to communicate – lastly- complimentary without borders!

An appealing benefit of Kik: Designed on Facebook, you could keep sending your messages in real time. Now when you type a message on Kik Messenger, an “S” shows up prior to your message.

A overview of Garageband

In the new variation of GarageBand offers some extra sounds as in-app investment for 4.49 EUR. This nonetheless, you ought to save yourself and favor to straight purchase for 26.99 EUR MainStage 3. In MainStage 3 of the material of the in-app investment of GarageBand is included anyhow. However beyond that gotten hence all tools, loops and also results from Logic Pro X. And then you could also utilize them in GarageBand! I might have to leave as soon as melt in your mouth: for only 26.99 EUR you obtain all material (above 35 GB) Reasoning Pro X.

Where is because the catch? “Some will ask. The hook is simply in the stripped-down area of GarageBand, the absence of accessibility to a good mix console and the associated lack of direct election of the plug-ins in the effects chain. On top of that, naturally, missing out on many Logic-only attributes.

The faster way for the song?

That is mainly regarding organizing of tunes goes, want to make use of a significant audio library and also still intend to make a good appearing blend with editable presets effortlessly, comes with garageband pc and MainStage 3 Material probably there faster compared to with Cubase, Logic or other DAWs. Preparing restricted right here to the basics: The sound choice, the import of the tracks as well as a harsh mix.

Let’s Groove Tonight

The new drummer from Logic Pro X is additionally there. That the drummer one of the highlights of Reasoning Pro X is, it’s a powerful thing, that he is also all GarageBand customers available! The drummer is practically compared to researching brand-new track-type.

In reality, these are MIDI information that drive the sampler. Modifications in the editor consistently impact the chosen area. Overall a 5 rock, alternate 4, 4 songwriter and also 2 R & B drummer available. All each have 8 presets which can be readjusted using the controller as well as the option of the drum set tools individually. In principle, all drum packages could be utilized (including drum devices). If you desire to put all the specific tracks independently on buses as well as edit with plug-ins, yet this could just be in Reasoning. I assume the new drummer yet likewise in GarageBand variation really fantastic as well as am thrilled about the possibility to promptly produce a great seeming drum track. And, although I had the entire Toontrack-palette. I would yet only re-install on my MacBook Pro. In Logic, GarageBand and also my pimped it is straight on board. As well as without annoying Authorization

For guitarists, all 25 amps from Logic (plus a clear preamp), 25 matching boxes and 7 different mics to choose from. This is signed up with by the 35 Pedalboard from Logic. For bass is 3 amps as well as your speakers and by track pre-programmed you have accessibility to the pedal board results. The audio of the amps can be had to adjust both the Smart Controls and by means of the amp itself!

Keyboard player could select from the rich pallet of instrument presets the best instrument. Along with the brand-new instruments is offered at Older Versions ” and also the whole content of the aged variation of GarageBand, Logic of the old variation, and all 6 JamPacks.

Along with pure tools however you also have access to all loops. Therefore I want to work with Cubase, I research the loop browser from Apple’s Logic or GarageBand much clearer.

The hunt for the right loop is a wind. Either in Column view on the choice of faves, tools, styles or moods “or the tag sight where you one or more key words by selecting the switches chooses and restricts the choice is all yours. Just before you could in the menu and the material to a certain loop collection limit (z. B. a specific JamPack or style) . Anyway, below you have enough material to obtain through the wintertime!

Smart Controls rather than puzzling plug-in window

Logic Remote Application – Since version 1.0.2 for GarageBand!

A lot more from curiosity I was wondering whether the Logic Remote Application for the iPad actually works for GarageBand. This is confirmed in the very first motion of the application description! No quicker said than done loading. Not a min later I had a connection over the existing wireless network to GarageBand made as well as the iPad develops into a blender or food processor with correct “faders as well as a transportation section! Hence, GarageBand really feels right at in different ways. And the Remote application is truthfully one of the most considerable and also intuitive controller app that I know. The adhering to could be close to the mix still do to her:

Bring in New Tracks

Use drum pads

as well as certainly make use of the blender or food processor as well as hence get a regular “Mixer view and not simply the sliders in the Plan location

What still impresses me is the method, the reality that I Pro also without a different audio user interface obtain so reduced latencies on the MacBook that I could import instruments in real time with a MIDI key-board such. As the iRig Keys the software program. As well as with the application over Wi-Fi, it is much better than I would certainly have suspected. Yet the drum pads are still was not tight sufficient to make sure that record a track.

What works wonderfully and also is a real property: articulations of the strands while videotaping switch so that when the Smart Controls are allowed! Keys button I have actually not researched it or else as well as while recording with the computer mouse to pick a various articulation is practically difficult.

Basically: Which calls his own an iPad, this application must absolutely publish! Particularly considering that it’s totally free.


Also if GarageBand still not sufficient for expert music production, it is still a sequencer, which is enjoyable.

The Keys Of Real Racing 3

Real Competing 3 for PC is a magnificent racing game that you can use your computer system. This game is really exciting, it puts you in the middle of buying enjoyable, it combines all the qualities to appeal you. 900 tests in many video game methods such as: rate race, removal race, endurance obstacles, drag racing and lots of others.

Real Racing 3 for PC is likewise greater than 45 designs of vehicles available to make use of. Automobile models the most prominent car manufacturers globally liking BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, Bugatti, Audi, Opel, Nissan and also much more. Note that in the video game, the player starts with much less powerful automobile designs yet as and also as it develops in the video game and also he victories races, he could consequently profit from even more auto models pricey as well as a lot more powerful.

Also, this racing game is enjoyable with a difficulty level is very little. It can be made use of by any sort of type of individual. In addition, real racing 3 hack download is a complimentary game that is available in English. It is compatible with systems like Windows vista, Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.

Music Apps For Android


Akai has a iPad version of its well-known MPC series published (6.99 €).

Nano Studio

Nano Center (11,99 €) is next to the popular GarageBand recording studio “for iPhone and iPad, powerful but also complicated.


An unusual and intuitive operating concept at the loops running in circles. The app has good, built-in tutorials that help you get started and where to vividly learn about electronic music. In addition to the version for the iPhone (3,99 €) are available for the iPad a full and a free app and a special version for kids.


That itself smartphones I highly suitable to loop described here (I recommend EverydayLooper for € 5.99 and € 2.99 for Loopy). There you will also find tips for using external microphones.


Movbeats (free) is ideal for noise any form to movies and to order the film clips for a music video. The following video created as part of a workshop with children and young people and published directly from the app on Youtube.

However, the app is also suitable for live performances


Madpad (iPhone € 0.99, € 2.69 iPad) offers the possibility of video snippets sets to share with others is not as easy to use as Movbeats, since it has no built-in sequencer.


With Figure (€ 0.99) of the Reason developers can easily and quickly create musical pieces. Since version 1.1 you can also export. For the video to our Bike Fest 2011 I used a document created with Figure in the subway track. The app is Propellerhead, the creators of the Rebirth Techno Micro Composer Rebirth (€ 13.99), of which there is also a slaying at first moment versions of the iPad. Comparing Figure and Rebirth shows well how easy it is to become the operator of Apps.


The iKaossilator (€ 17.99) is the iOS version of Kaossilators Korg. Without music knowledge can easily create tracks and example be exported on SoundCloud.

learn iOS Apps for Music

Smartphones and tablets equipped with microphones and touch interfaces. This combination use a variety of apps to facilitate the learning of music in a fun way.


With PianoMan (free) you can playfully learn piano. The app shows you which notes to play next. Free are 20 classical pieces (Bach / Beethoven, etc.). Further, you can buy it. The app also works with Midi pianos that can connect to iOS devices.

Ultimate Guitar

There are various apps support (2-4 €) from which to learn the guitar chords, lyrics, metronome or tuning app.


Learning by playing notes is the fairly simple set put iNoteTrainer (€ 3.59).


The law known app Shazam (free) recognizes songs that are being played. It shows directly to the lyrics. And also, if you just listen to the same smartphone / tablet. Convenient to learn texts.

Practice Pro Lite

With Practice Pro Lite (free) you can listen to songs or slower parts looped. Virtually them enact or sing. Limitation of Lite version: only the first half of the song can be heard. The Pro version costs € 8.99.

Relative Pitch Lite

The app Relative Pitch Lite (free) plays against a sound sequences and you can decide if it is a halftone / whole tone / octave step, etc. as in a quiz.

combine iOS Apps

With apps to make music is a beautiful thing. Entirely new possibilities do, however, on when the generated files processed on PC or Apps to one or more different devices combined.

iTunes File Sharing

Many audio apps provide the option Audio files through iTunes to import or export. For this connect the iOS device to a computer and go to the Apps tab. Detailed instructions can be found here

Devices synchronize with WIST

About WIST (Wireless Sync Start) two iOS devices can be time-aligned with each other. A great help in making music together. The standard Korg support many Apps

Copy audio files with Audio Copy

There are more than 140 apps support the Audio Copy Standar t. Between these apps you can easily copy audio files back and forth. Thus one saves the laborious away on the

Audiobus App

With the app audio bus (8.99 €), many iOS apps are connected Sound. So you can record his voice in an app, to play in a different beats. Both manipulating in an Equalizer app and takes the whole thing in a Multi Tracker DAW app on (video). The list of compatible apps is growing and growing. In contrast, only a few apps support the free alternative Jack – Audio Connection Kit also starts this iOS 7 no longer

Midi and OSC iOS

In particular, the iPad is also suitable for the control of desktop software like Ableton Live, Cubase, or machine. TouchOSC (iOS € 4.49, restricted and free for Android) Here’s one way. The Lemur expensive (€ 44.99) is an extremely great deal of flexibility and is used by many high-profile artists (eg Console, Justice). So you can, for example, the needed controls and buttons arranged for each song specially. Or you can use the many template of the Community.

Accessories for iOS devices

What can touch? There are now many accessories for the iPhone and iPad such as the Mini Keyboard Synthstation 25 (€ 59.00) and the larger 49 (€ 186.00) from Akai. The Synthstation 25 has been developed for the iPhone 3G / S. Current iPhones do not fit into (good) into it. This limitation can be circumvented with an iPhone extension cord and so, for example, connect iPads. The Synthstation 25 but only of some apps (such as nano Studio) directly supported. Using the app Midi Bridge (5.99 €) can support all CoreMIDI expand enabled apps, so can then also use GarageBand. The 25 is by battery operation for mobile use, but can be used on PC and Midi keyboard without any iOS device.

But the detour via Midi Bridge you can save at the iRig Keys (79 €) well. This is not particularly well-designed Synthstation 25 preferable.

Piano Apprentice is also made a mini piano and learn specifically for piano, the keys of the piano light up when you should play them. The free app for hardware I used with my Synthstation 25th

Meanwhile, there are also some adapters and audio interfaces by means of which one can expand the iOS to ports. The iRig Pre (29 €) and the Tascam iU2 can connect professional XLR microphones (also phantom gespeißte). The very flexible Tascam also has a line input and has MIDI inputs and outputs (Video). In addition, it also works as an audio interface with PCs and Macs, and even with some Android apps (see below). A separate device for Midi connections there with the iRig Midi (€ 54.99). The iRig Pro (117 €) combines the most possibilities of pre and Midi in a housing. With the iRig and iRig Stomp, you can connect an electric guitar directly to smartphones and further process the signal with different amps and effects apps or record.

Conclusion iOS

This list could be continued for a long time. Almost every professional music company has published a simplified and much cheaper version of their hardware or software products on iOS devices. Where: for the iPad there’s more than music apps for the iPhone. And the iPad versions are often clearer and better to use. The band Gorillaz have even included an entire album with the iPad in 2010.

Android ###

Android is now installed on more than iOS touch devices. Regarding audio apps running here (yet) quite bad and better than the other Apple products.

While there are a variety of Sound Apps in Google Play Store, some of which are presented below. Again, the prices are often lower than for Apple. But unfortunately is the use of many apps against the existing 5 to Android poor latency of the Android system.

The Android latency problem:

Latency refers to the music industry, the delay between playing a note and hearing the resulting sound. It is generally assumed that the person perceives a latency of more than 11 thousandths of a second (ms).

Plucks the one side of a (real) guitar, the sound takes about 1 ms. until it arrives at the ear. If you play a virtual instrument on an iOS device is latency about 10 ms. The minimum latency with most Android devices (Android Lollipop before 5) is more than 100 ms. Play musical instruments at such a high latency is very difficult and makes the most simply no fun anymore.

Comparison of latency between 4:04 and Android iOS 5.1.1 .:

The reason for the higher latency is not primarily in the hardware but the Android system. While the Apple developers have mitbedacht the latency from the outset, the issue in Android had long not been a priority apparently. But here has changed since the end of 2014 some done. With promises Android 5 Lollipop Google improvement. Samsung, the Samsung Professional Audio SDK released for their devices, which will allow approximately 17ms latency. In addition, the company donated Galaxy devices apparently very useful, free sound Camp App in the following video at great length (44 minutes) will be presented:

In addition IK Multimedia has a solution for all Android devices from version 4.0 (and USB host mode / OTG mode) in work. What is the audio latency in your unit? The app Caustic 2 shows the options latency estimation, but only part of the latency covers). Unfortunately, many Android devices will be only late or not equipped with the latest operating system. The latency problem will accompany most Android users, therefore, at least in the medium term.

Connections: the advantage of Android

On the other hand, Android has a huge advantage over iOS – it will be understood better with USB. So you can connect instruments directly to Android since Android 3.2 USB Midi. My MidiPiano is easily recognized by my tablet (Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition 4.0.4). Unfortunately, there is as yet but very few apps that can handle MIDI Inputs (eg Grand Piano Pro, Opus # 1 Pro, TouchDAW Free, USB Midi Monitor).

NOTE: Midi keyboards now no longer work with Grand Piano Free but only with the Pro version:

Since version 5, you can also use professional USB audio interfaces (soundcards) with Android. Devices with older Android versions can but partly with the USB Audio Recorder PRO app (3.49 €) to persuade to work with audio interfaces.

Theoretically, you could connect before 5 Android Audio interfaces and thus professional microphones with Android. Practically but surrendered this many problems. My luck: Just my Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition is loud consult the developer of USB Audio Recorder Pro is the only known him device with Android 4, which also allows the even recordings via USB. It is this ability not even documented by Motorola on its website.

In this way you can, for example, connecting professional microphones with XLR connector and make high quality recordings. Connecting Audio Interfaces is expanding the capabilities of Android immensely. Unfortunately, the use of audio interfaces does not solve the latency problem, and it is because of the nested software architecture always produce noise.

Android Apps for Music Production

There are many (free) music for Android Apps. Unfortunately, they (but struggling to Android 5 because of latency issues with performance problems.

Better is the used by me is Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition (Android 4.0) to create a delay of beats for Recorder, Tracker and Grove boxes. Since disturbs de latency less.

This tracker contains three different synthesizers and a beat machine with samples of classics such as the 808 which can be combined differently and add effects and arranged in parallel in the sequencer. It is also your own samples can be used. However, a recording function is missing. The attractive presentation-style stretching Mont (superimposed hardware instruments) is not completely intuitive for beginners, which would also be difficult to achieve at the periphery but. After a little learning curve quite demanding music projects can be implemented. With the demo version can not be saved or exported. During the test, there were no dropouts. The latency was palpable in inputs, but as disposing and not einspielt live but that is not necessarily a problem. Extensive help function.

There is an active community to Caustic. And so there are many free Play Store and costing plugins to the program to expand.

Unusual constructed tracker with modular synthesizers, idiosyncratic pixel optics, use of WAV samples, recording function, multitrack export feature is also free versions for Windows and Mac, community-created tracks can be found in a SoundCloud group:

Robo Vox – Voice Changer Lite (Free, 0.99)

Live with different editable robot effects change the voice. Great fun. Also useful when young people do not dare at a project with their own voice to do with.

You can save only with the full version, which then contains 24 effects.

Learn Android Apps for Music

Some of the apps in iOS apps to learn music described are also available for Android and other devices. So for example, Shazam and the Ultimate Guitar series.

Use Midi Android

Midi is a communication standard can be changed by the control information between electronic instruments. For Android Midi has a different meaning.

On the one hand, there are instruments that can be connected via MIDI to Android (like USB Midi Keybards or controler). Unfortunately, so far only very few apps deal with these inputs.

Secondly, the flexible touch panel of Android devices are suitable to control other things. Here are some suitable for Apps.

MIDI controllers with different input methods (keyboard, pads, knobs) and tidy surface. The app is prepared for communication with many popular audio programs (Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio …). She understands MIDI input via USB, Bluetooth and Wifi. My Akai Synth Station communicates with the app basically.

On the website TouchDAW step is explained by step how to. His Tablet with DAWs such as Cubase and Co can connect via Wi-Fi. If everything works you can try with a limited free version.

On iOS TouchOSC is extremely powerful by the available Editor. You can put together his own room layouts and so eg Create specific input layouts for each song, which include only the necessary controls and switches. The Android version is lagging behind in development but the editor is absent. The four preset layouts are only very limited use. Until the Android app with the desired desktop program as desired cooperates has a lot to set up. One reason for this is that the documentation on the website to be desired unfortunately leaves much.


It is hoped that Lemur (/ en / products / lemur /), the top dog is in this category, in the future his way from iOS to Android. Lemur existed before the first iPad. At the time, the hardware cost more than 1,000 euros. The app is very good with € 44.99 as a lot more affordable, albeit much more expensive than the comparable TouchDAW.

Since Android 5 the latency issue is resolved. Also audio interfaces can now be connected directly. IK Multimedia, one of the most important accessories manufacturer of mobile audio production now expanded its assistance on Android Some of the existing equipment for iOS is now officially compatible Android. Moreover IK implementing its recorder app.

Accessories for Android Devices

IK Multimedia, one of the most important accessories manufacturer of mobile audio production (see accessories for iOS devices) now expanded its assistance on Android Some of the existing equipment for iOS is now officially compatible Android. Moreover IK adjusts gradually its Music Apps to Android. Overall, there is far less accessories that are specifically designed for Android. But that’s not so bad, since Android since version 5 yes understands innately with audio interfaces.

Appmusik view ###

Before Android Lollipop 5 or the Samsung Professional Audio SDK was the thing clear: iOS was the system of choice for Appmusiker. The latency problem on Android vermieste development efforts Musikapp developers. The technical hurdle has fallen by 5 and the Samsung Android SDK now. iOS (iPod / iPhone / iPad) but has many years ahead. The range of creative sound Apps Android is on quantity and quality remain especially superior at least in the medium term.

While there are a variety of devices that extend the creative possibilities of audio iOS devices, the market of devices for Android will start up straight.

Since Android 5 there are improvements in the latency problem. Also audio interfaces can now be connected directly. IK Multimedia, one of the most important accessories manufacturer of mobile audio production now expanded its assistance on Android Some of the existing equipment for iOS is now officially compatible Android. Moreover IK implementing its recorder app.

Create a music video with self-recorded sound videos with the app on iOS MovBeats

But what about Windows Phone 8 and RT (for tablets like the Surface) from. I was able to test on these systems even no sound apps. As far as I’ve heard also here the audio latency in the development is not a priority and latency targets would be as poor as in Android.